Fiber One® Cereal

Fiber One Bread products provide at least 20% or more of the recommended Daily Value of Fiber.


Delightfully simple, whole-grain taste, and so many different benefits!

- 0 gram of sugar*

- At 60 calories and 14 grams of fiber per serving, it’s a great fit into your diet

- The fiber can also help promote healthy digestion and keep you regular

*Not a low calorie food

And if you think this is just a breakfast cereal, think again! There are endless delicious possibilities with Fiber One® Original, from sprinkling it on your favorite yogurt to using it as a crunchy, healthy salad topper. For more delightful recipes using Fiber One®. Original cereal, click here

% DV of Vitamin C

* Fiber helps you feel satisfied, which makes it easier stick to your diet and lose weight without feeling as hungry.